Cities Inside Warren Township

City of Garland

In 1925 there was a movement by Irwin Keppleman and others to incorporate

The city of Garland in Warren Township.

The election was held on june 29, 1925 and failed.

There is a lot of work to start a city. There needs to be a charter. Even the election requires notices to be placed in local papers at least once each week for four weeks prior to the election. Records have to be kept.

The County Clerk notified Mr Keppelman that he jwould have to have two sets of ballots for the precincts affected by the territory to be incorporated, and that it was important to have enough ballots for all voters.

Of course the Board of County Canvassers must examine the everything as required by law.

Village of Center Line was formed at Ten Mile and Van Dyke shortly after the Garland effort failed.

Center Line however voted to become a village in 1925 and a city in 1936. Some historians feel that this happened because the farmers turned down the Interurban promoters efforts to lay tracks north of Ten Mile road. This caused the area to continue to be rural for a longer period.

Van Dyke was an unofficial village located around Van Dyke just north of 8 Mile Road. It was platted in 1917. Mr Piper sold numerous lots and named the streets after cars. The citizens of that village tried to incorporate three times between 1924 and 1935. Two moves were made to annex to Detroit but Detroit did not want them. (Gerald Neil 17) But back in those days 1920-1949 there were three main divisions. Most businesses were in Center Line followed by Van Dyke (which included practically everything south of 12 Mile road in Warren Township.) Of course that was also the postal discrict. North of that was called Warren.


There was an effort to establish Baseline (the area of Van Dyke South of Stephens) but that failed.


Efforts were made to incorporate the area of Nine Mile and Ryan as the City of Fitzgerald but that failed.

Dodge City

Efforts were made to incorporate the area of South west Warren as Dodge City but that failed.

Ladd Center

There was a small movement to form a City of Ladd Center but it did not get off of the ground.