Our laws are not adequate. Based research the following improvements are recommended:

Add the following wording to 7-7 “including wolf and wolf hybrid”

Wild animals must not be allowed as pets. They are a threat to humans especially children. They cannot be fully domesticated in just a few generations. This includes Coyotes, Wolves and hybrids.

Dogs over 50 pounds and dogs of known dangerous breeds should be required to pass a Canine Good Citizen Test. (These are given locally and are inexpensive)

Owners of Dogs must if requested by an animal control officer, have their animal tested for aggression. If the dog is proved to be aggressive the owner shall have 30 days to get the animal trained or have the animal removed. This is in lieu of having a ban on some breeds which is next to impossible to enforce and doesn't work. Besides there are too many dangerous breeds. (See full report)

Dog owners need to be educated as to dog safety, and prevention measures. They should be given a booklet explaining dog safety practices, laws and dog behavior and be required to take a short test showing that they are aware of safety practices within 30 days. Example Why dogs should never be left alone with babies. And to teach their children safe ways to play with dogs. This information can also be placed on a web site. Wesley Arnold is willing to create such a booklet free of charge.

Warren should require that domesticated dogs used for pets to be neutered and spayed unless a the owner applies for a separate more expensive breeding permit. This prevents a lot of bad behavior This may save lives. This is also strongly recommended by our animal control officers.

A breeding permit brings in revenue, and allows more control by our animal control officers. A breeding permit could help would get rid of basement breeders selling dangerous animals by requiring the showing the animals in a show at least yearly. (Good breeders improve the quality by breeding better quality and encouraging showing unlike bad breeders who just want to make money sometimes producing dangerous animals for drug dealers.)

Dog owners whose dog has killed should be made responsible by statute to pay the funeral expenses and medical bills even if the person attacked was in the owners home or on the owners property with exception of a person breaking in stealing from or attacking the owner.

We have some seniors and unemployed and disabled people living here in Warren that have to choose between food and medicine. Single people cannot get general assistance welfare any more. So many become desperate. Some resort to stealing. If they could raise part of their food that would help. To not allow starving people to have a few chickens or rabbits which are harmless and quiet while allowing dangerous and loud dogs is not right.

Suggested change to section 7-2 to allow not more than 8 chickens, no roosters, to be raised for eggs or food within 50 feet of a residence. Note that chickens do not need a roster to produce eggs and that the rooster is the source of noise. Hens are quiet and eat hundreds of mosquitoes insects table scraps weed seeds, weeds and help keep grass trimmed. Hens and rabbits are a great “green” animals.

Allow rabbits to be raised for food providing they are properly caged with wire on all six sides. Reasoning both of these animals are harmless and will provide senior citizens and poorer residents to grow needed food. They eat dandelion greens and other green weeds. Part of diet can be had for free by asking markets for their discarded damaged fruit and vegetables.

Summary of research done about dogs attacks.

This is a serious matter with peoples lives at stake.

We must be proactive to prevent dog attacks before they happen because it only takes one bite to kill a child. (and often it is the first known and only bite of that dog)  About 3000 fairly serious bites occur annually in Detroit Met Area. About 36 people are killed by dogs annually. Babies have been killed in their crib, while sleeping between Mom and Dad in bed, children while playing in yard or walking home from school. People have been killed while walking down street, ringing door bell, taking out the trash, and gardening in their own back yard. Many of the attacks are unprovoked. Children are often bitten because they have not been taught not to kiss a dog or poke its eyes, take its food or its toy or otherwise disturb it or pet it. Babies cry sometimes triggering the prey response. See full report below for details.

It is not just a bite problem. We have had several people killed and seriously injured by dogs. Mostly children. Often the attack is sudden without any warning and with no provocation.

Many dogs are fine, no problem. Most of the problems are because of uneducated careless owners.

Dogs need to be properly socialized and trained, including obedience training. (Local and inexpensive) Some dogs need medical and psychological treatment to be safe pets. This can be done locally.

All breeds of dogs can kill young children, many have, even a 4 LB dog. See report

Any dog can be trained to be a killer. Many breeds of dogs are potentially dangerous not just Pit Bulls, but Rottweilers, Wolf, Ainu Ken, Akita, Staffordshire Terrier, Bandog, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Chin, Chow, Dogue de Bordeaux, Fila, Spitz, Kai Ken, Kishu Ken Mastiff, Nippon Terrier, Olde Bulldogge, Shar-Pei, Shiba Inu, Shikoku Ken, Tosa Inu, German Shepard, Boar Beul and many others. Once conditioned to kill it is almost impossible to get the killer instinct completely out. But many former fighting dogs have been rescued and conditioned into good pets. Still no dog should be left alone with a baby because of prey instinct. Dogs are dogs and are not human. They act on instinct and training. They do not think or understand language except simple commands.

Your life can be endangered in an emergency situation by a vicious dog that is not even yours that stops emergency personell from helping you.

In more than two-thirds of the cases studied show the life-threatening or fatal attack was apparently the first known dangerous behavior by the animal in question.

3-month-old Kylie Cox was killed by the family rottweiler in a Warren home. " The dog might have thought the child was a stuffed animal”. September 15, 2007 Free Press

11-month baby was mauled by the family pit bull inside his home. Eastpointe MI April 23, 2009 Free Press The baby was in bed between his parents when the dog jumped on him and fatally injured the child in a couple of seconds. There was no warning. Lack of owner animal behavior knowledge and socialization.

16-MONTH-OLD KILLED BY GRANDMOTHER'S PIT BULL while playing on the kitchen floor. When the baby's grandmother tried to intervene, the dog bit off one of her fingers. April 5, 2004 Free Press

Seven-week-old Daniel Smith died after being attacked in his crib by a pit bull terrier. Dec 10, 1984 Free Press

Most pets are fine and give much pleasure but thousands of people have been attacked by animals not just dogs but pet snakes, pet alligators, pet cats, pet birds, and exotic pets like large snakes and exotic rodents. Most of the victims are children, half of whom are bitten in the face.

Often the cause is owner negligence, unsafe animal confinement, inadequate training and socialization.

I interviewed several Warren Firefighters and The Warren Postmaster they all indicate that dogs pose a serious problem. Many of the attacks result in serious injury, and some in death.

In more than two-thirds of the cases studied show the life-threatening or fatal attack was apparently the first known dangerous behavior by the animal in question. See www.dogbitelaw.com/

The main serious offenders are pit bulls, and rottweilers who are the main cause of deaths. Over 150 dog breeds populate the US. Studies show that two breeds account for nearly 70% of bites that end in death and serious injury. Pit Bulls and rottweilers. (DBO) These two breeds are such serious potential threats that they are banned or severely regulated in many places. But any dog can kill a baby. A 4 LB Pomeranian did.

See www.dogbitelaw.com Many attacks are unprovoked often silent and from behind. Fighting dogs are trained not to make noise or motion prior to an attack.

The medical cost is staggering the human cost is worse unspeakably terrible. (APN)

Dog bites occur every 75 seconds in the US. Each day, over 1,000 citizens need emergency care to treat these bites. (DBO) 3,000 annually in the Detroit area.(Det Free Press April 7 1999)

The most shocking finding was that many pets that had long history of being friendly and non threatening suddenly turned violent and caused serious injury without warning or provocation and this is true of all breeds.

3-month-old Kylie Cox was killed by a rottweiler in a Warren home. Free Press Chris Fura said the family owned rottweiler that killed a 3-month-old Warren girl wasn't vicious, he believes the dog was "trying to play." The dog might have thought the child was a stuffed animal. September 15, 2007 Free Press

Pit Bulls were bred Not to guard, or hunt, but be insensitive to pain and to viciously rip other dogs to death in pits. “They can literally sever limbs.” They are not large dogs, but they have an enormous power-to-weight ratio. Their jaw strength is far greater than any other dog. 42% of all dog related deaths in the US are from Pit Bull Types - 70% of those deaths were children.

Experts say Pit Bulls are unpredictable around strangers. They have inbred aggression.

Michigan Humane Society says pit bulls can attack without warning A Michigan Humane Society official warned that pit bulls, which are bred to fight to the death and kill and can attack without warning, are becoming status symbols. And these are becoming more popular. March 23, 1987 Free Press

A few short examples


11-month baby was mauled by the family pit bull inside his home. Eastpointe MI April 23, 2009 Free Press The baby was in bed between his parents when the dog jumped on him and fatally injured the child in a couple of seconds. There was no warning.

16-MONTH-OLD KILLED BY GRANDMOTHER'S PIT BULL A 16-month-old was mauled to death Saturday by his grandmother's pit bull while playing on the kitchen floor. When the baby's grandmother tried to intervene, the dog bit off one of her fingers. April 5, 2004 Free Press

BABY DIES OF INJURIES SUFFERED IN DOG ATTACK Seven-week-old Daniel Smith died after being attacked in his crib by a pit bull terrier. Dec 10, 1984 Free Press

Two-year-old Tonya Elliott had played before with the pet owned by family friends a hybrid wolf-dog. But the animal attacked and killed the tiny Genesee County girl March 17, 1990 Free Press

Dogs may be man's best friend but they also attack about 4.7 million Americans each year -- including more than 3,000 annually in the Detroit area. That is costing state insurers millions in liability and pain-and-suffering damages, says a report released today by the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents. Michigan logged the fourth-highest number of fatal dog attacks -- 13 -- of any state from 1979-1996, based on federal statistics cited in the report. Detroit Free Press April 7, 1999 http://www.dogbitelaw.com/PAGES/statistics.html

Every year 2,851 letter carriers are bitten. (US Postal Service.)

BOY 3 KILLED BY FAMILY DOG A three-year-old boy died after being mauled by one of the family's dogs, Mason Scurlock was pronounced dead of a broken neck and puncture wounds. Nov 5, 1983 Free Press


PIT BULL ATTACKS KIDS AT SCHOOL 2 CHILDREN BITTEN by a pit bull while children and parents were waiting for the doors to open. October 21, 1998 Free Press

The family's 90-pound rottweiler chewed the right foot off of 5 week old baby while her parents slept. Free Press April 8, 1997

WARREN: INFANT KILLED IN ATTACK BY A ROTTWEILER Sep 13, 2007 A 4-month-old girl was mauled and killed by a rottweiler at a Warren home Warren police and fire department personnel went to the home. Fire department personnel took Kylie to St. John Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Free Press

A pit bull’s bite force is 2000+ psi plus. A Pit Bull does not lock its jaw as do other dogs, but its lower jaw scissors back and forth to rend flesh from the bone.

Pit Bulls are bred from Staffordshire Bull Terriers – Gaining their incredible musculature - and Bull Mastiffs Gaining a Cold-Hearted lack of emotion and Phenomenal resistance to pain.

Pit Bulls were bred Not to guard, or hunt, but to viciously rip other dogs to death in pits while their bloodthirsty owners cheered. “They can literally sever limbs,” the RSPCAs, Paul Edwards said.

They are not large dogs, but they have an enormous power-to-weight ratio. Their jaw strength is far greater than any other dog. You can have savage Labradors and savage Chihuahuas, but none of them has the potential to maim & kill that a pit bull does. 42% of all dog related deaths in the US are from Pit Bulls Types - & they constitute 1% of all dogs. 70% of those deaths were children. Note this statement of 42% if flawed because it has been shown that often the person making the report does not know dog breeds well.

A Rotty or Doberman are savage because they are territorial - they will defend their space. A Pit Bull is not savage in that sense-just unpredictable. “But they are entirely unpredictable around strangers” They have inbred aggression. Keeping a Pit Bull is like taking a Lion from the zoo and putting it on a leash

(source Dog experts Paul Edwards and Dog trainer Bruce Bonneyhttp://www.edba.org.au/courier.html)

Professor Arnold's observation. We had a nice friendly dog for our young daughter. It was a friendly mixed breed that looked like a Collie. The dog had no history of growling or threatening anyone even children in the three years we had had it. One day a Friend of ours from out of town was talking with me in our garage. Next to her was her 3 year old son. Our dog was at the opposite end of the garage. The boy had not moved or said a word when without warning our friendly dog ran across the entire garage and bit the little boy in the arm. I had to yell at our dog to get him to let go. This is an example of how even friendly family pets can turn viscous. I have been told that our dog had sensed fear in the child and that is why she went after young boy.


After a black bear attack on a seven-year-old girl. Experts fear an increase in the number of exotic and dangerous animals kept as pets and frustration at the lack of prohibitory laws. "It seems like lately more people are getting into exotic pets. Mar 27, 1987 Free Press Like boa constrictors which have killed humans.

DEALER IN EXOTIC PETS BELIEVES THEY'RE NOT FOR EVERYONE August 4, 1983 Free Press Monkeys aren't for everyone. Neither are cougars and coatis(S American raccoon) Larry Lempicki, owner of House of Pets in Garden City and connoisseur of exotic and unusual pets, says exotics need a special breed of owner. "You don't buy a monkey or a cougar and leave it cooped up in a cage all the time,"

A large chimp lost control at his owner's home and mauled a woman's face before he was repeatedly stabbed by his horrified owner and eventually shot dead by police. New York Post Feb16, 2009

Bridgeport police say they arrested a city man after he ordered his pet 9-foot-long python to attack two officers. Lucky for them snakes aren't very obedient. June 17, 2008 AP News

Oct 4, 2007 Animal rescuers were called to a home to take away two cougars. When they got there, the cats had already lashed out against their owners. A neighbor stated "This is a subdivision" "I don't want a cougar coming up in my backyard having my child for lunch," KY3 TV News Oct 4, 2007

Two pit bulls broke into a 63-year-old woman’s home, and killed her small dog. The pit bulls got out of a nearby yard, jumped over two four-foot-tall chain link fences. Then, they followed the poodle into its home through a 10-inch-wide, one-foot-tall dog door. Feb 26th, 2009.Village News

Police said they were called to the pet store on a report that a 12-foot Burmese Python had latched onto a woman and wrapped itself around her. Fire and rescue crews found her on the ground and said the snake was about to wrap itself around her neck, putting her in what they said was “grave” danger as it coiled tighter. source David Krough, kgw.com Staff April 19, 2008

Part Wolf turns on caretakers had to be killed. Jun 24, 2007 Metro West Daily News.

Stopped Firemen Police were unable to reach a man felled by an apparent heart attack in his yard because he was surrounded by 30 menacing dogs. Forty-five minutes later, the firefighters and animal control officers were able to finally get to him. Aug 29, 1990 Free Press.

Firefighters battling a two-alarm house fire blaze had to suspend their efforts when they spotted several pit bulls at the scene of the fire. This left lives at stake; at the time, the responders were battling a fire at a residential home. Firefighters typically must retreat when faced with "lethal weapons," (pit bulls), and wait for authorities to remove the dogs.

Dog bite deaths and maimings US and Canada (1982-2007)

By compiling US and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2007, Animal People News determined the types of breeds most responsible for death and serious injury.

The combination of pit bulls types, rottweilers and wolf hybrids:

Because many people who write reports do not know dog breeds there is little true data on which dogs are really true pit bills. Most people can not identify a true pit bull from a chart of dog breeds.

Should specific dog breeds be banned. The problem of doing that is that many breeds cause injuries not just pit bulls and rottweilers. If pit bulls are banned owners can easily get another type of dog that is a pit bull type but not a pit bull and may be a worse threat. Because so many dog breeds can cause a problem it doesn't make sense to ban any one breed with one exception and that is wild dogs or part wild dogs. It takes many generations to get the hunting-killing instinct out of wild animals (including part wild animal like wolf hybrids) and they are simply not safe around humans especially children. Children are food to them. Legal issues are also very costly with specific breed bans. If one looks at statistics of areas with specific breed bans the bans have not stopped animal attacks. The only ban that works is a total ban on all dogs. The answer is better education of animal owners, proactive prevention, strict laws and strict enforcement with certainty of punishment and swift, severe punishment of owners and removal of dangerous dogs.

Here are sites that have more info on this: Wikipedia see Breed-specific legislation


Dog Bite Statistics www.thedogplace.org

Can you find the Pit Bull out of 25 fotos www.pitbullsonthe web.com/petbull/findit.html

Difficulty of breed Identification stopbsl.com

Dog Breed Info www.dogbreedinfo.com


Pit Bulls as police dogs www.kold.com/global/story.asp?s=8151222&ClientType=Printable

History of Pit Bulls fall from Grace denver.yourhub.com/Lakewood/Stories/Pets/General-Pets/Story-47922.aspx

Dog Hero Stubby decorated soldier worldwar1letters.wordpress.com/the-adventure-unfolds/overthere-1918-1919/stubby-the-26div-mascott/trackbadk/

Cost Nationwide, the rate of dog bite injuries is on the rise. In 2005, the cost rose to $21,200.

These bites cost the property/casualty insurance industry $352.4 million in 2006.

In November 2007, 21-year old Jennifer Lowe was visiting a friend who owned two pit bulls that had been declared "dangerous" by county animal control. The owner, Charles Smallwood, left the house to run an errand. When he returned, Jennifer was near death after being mauled by the two dogs. She died on route to the hospital. Because the attack occurred on owner-property, Jennifer's family had no civil or criminal recourse against the dog owner.

When the dog owner is insured, the victim can expect several years before payment. Dog bite injuries take time to heal. Settlement negotiations with an insurance company usually start after full healing occurs. In the meanwhile, the victim incurs many costs. If hospitalization was required after the attack, the victim can expect to stay 3.6 days4 in emergency care. If surgery was required -- as it often is for attacks that involve facial and bone injuries -- a victim's first night in care can easily reach 20 thousand dollars.

Some dog owners go as far as engaging in harassment, this is particularly true with pit bull owners. Last year in Stratford, Connecticut, 5-year old Payton Stern was severely mauled by her neighbor's pit bull. She had been at the neighbor's house playing with the owner's daughter when the attack occurred. Payton was badly bitten on her arms and legs and bleeding profusely when the ambulance arrived.

The dog was impounded after the attack and spent the next four months at animal control. During this time, Rogers never once asked about Payton; all he wanted was to bring his dog home. When officials finally ordered the dog euthanized, Rogers hung signs near the Stern's home calling them "murderers." The Stern family filed a harassment complaint with the police and moved to a new home.

When the attack stems from a dog owned by a family member or friend, even more disturbing results occur. After decades of a solid bond, such relationships are often left in shambles, and for the primary reason that the dog can't be blamed, yet neither can the owner. In the end, a dog bite victim is left with little means of recourse, physical and psychological scars and broken human relationships.

We must regulate these breeds or risk the safety of our families and pets.

Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period. The data also shows that pit bulls commit the vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death. Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13).

Pit bulls are also more likely to kill an adult than a child. In the 3-year period, pit bulls killed more adults (ages 21 and over), 54%, than they did children (ages 11 and younger), 46%. In the 21-54 age group, pit bulls were responsible for 82% (14) of the deaths. The data indicates that pit bulls do not only kill children and senior citizens; they kill men and women in their prime years as well.

The founder of DogsBite.org, Colleen Lynn, adds, "The off-property statistical data about pit bulls shows just how dangerous they are." She noted that six senior citizens were killed under these circumstances: "Two were killed while standing in their own backyard," she said. "Four others were killed while taking a morning walk or getting the mail." see (DBO) = http://www.dogsbite.org/

When an 8-year-old girl was mauled by a rottweiler last week in Dearborn, she became one of about 1.4 million children injured each year by dog bites in the United States. Free Press Feb 26, 2001 However some people are killed. Dog bites occur every 75 seconds in the US. Each day, over 1,000 citizens need emergency care.

The following studies examine injury occurrence and the breeds most likely to bite.

In 2001, the Center for Disease and Control published a study that examines the frequency of US dog bite injuries treated by emergency care facilities.

* In 1994, the most recent year for which published data are available, an estimated 4.7 million dog bites occurred in the United States and approximately 799,700 persons required medical care.

* In 2001, an estimated 368,245 persons were treated in US emergency rooms for dog related injuries.

Researchers reviewed a 20-year period from 1979 to 1998 to determine the types of breeds most responsible for US dog bite fatalities. At least 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 human dog bite related fatalities during this time span. Pit bulls and rottweilers were involved in over half of these fatalities and from 1997-1998, over 60%. In the city of Denver pit bulls are banned.

Biters are 6.2 times as likely to be male than female

Biters are 2.6 times as likely to be intact than neutered

Biters are 2.8 times as likely to be chained as unchained

In 2008, 23 dog attacks resulted in death: 16 child victims and 7 adult victims.

In 2007, 35 dog attacks resulted in death: 18 child victims and 17 adult victims.

In 2006, 30 dog attacks resulted in death: 14 child victims and 16 adult victims.

Between January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008 a pit bull killed a U.S. citizen every 21 days.

Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments - United States, 2001, By J Gilchrist, MD, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC. source http://www.dogsbite.org/bite-statistics.htm

Comments of Victims

I was kicking one pit bull so hard that all four of its feet were in the air, but it still wouldn't let go

It was an instantaneous attack. No noise, no warning 09/08/08: Dogs Lived Several Blocks Away
Sheriff's deputies shot and killed two pit bulls that were mauling an elderly woman in SeaTac The attack happened in the woman's front yard after she'd walked home after taking her grandchildren to the school bus .She spent more than 10 hours in surgery, where surgeons worked to preserve her hearing and reattach her ears, both of which had been ripped from her head. Her jaw was broken and her right arm and wrist were crushed beyond repair. Her scalp is covered with staples and her legs have deep, raw wounds that cannot be completely closed due to trapping infection inside. "This was not a dog bite, it was attempted dismemberment. There is no way to describe the savagery and carnage." Sgt. David Morris of Animal Care and Control said there was no way she could have fought off the male pit bulls, "It would be hard for a grown adult in prime shape to do that, let alone an elderly woman."

03/24/09: 3-year old was killed by a neighbor’s dog. Investigators are still puzzled as to why the dog, a pet husky that had played with Eli before, suddenly attacked. The dog had to break free from her collar on her chain before she could attack.

Laws: The City of SeaTac classifies pit bulls as dangerous and requires that they be contained or muzzled. Violations of this code include the following: Penalty. Any person who allows an animal to be maintained in violation of this chapter, or otherwise violates or fails to comply with any requirement of this chapter, shall be guilty of a violation of a City ordinance and shall be subject to punishment by fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or imprisonment for a term not in excess of 1 year.

08/26/08: 83-year old Luna McDaniel was severely injured after being attacked by three pit bulls while taking a walk. Ville Platte, Louisiana requires pit bull owners to carry an insurance policy.

03/19/09: "As Sorensen approached the front porch of a business the dog hit the door of the business from the inside. Sorensen described how the door automatically popped open and the dog began attacking her, first biting her face. The dog knocked her glasses off and that she could feel blood all on her face. The pit bull released and then bit her again on the back of her neck just barely missing a main artery. A person at the scene had placed her right check in a container with ice."
Lillian’s Law is a tough new dog bite law that took effect in Texas. Under Lillian's Law, the owner of a dog that causes injury or death can be prosecuted if the owner is found to be "criminally negligent" in failing to prevent the dog from escaping. The third-degree felony charge can bring a sentence of 2 to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If the victim dies, a dog owner can be charged with a second-degree felony, which could bring up to 20 years in prison. The law stems after a violent attack by a gang of pit bull mixes killed Lillian Stiles while gardening. http://www.dogsbite.org
03/30/09: Victim: 18-Month Old The Police Chief said the child awoke before the adults and went into the back yard where the female pit bull was chained. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals upheld the validity of the Act The Act banned pit bulls that had not been licensed under the Act and substantially increased the penalty imposed upon owners after an attack: a fine of up to $20,000 and 2 years of imprisonment. There were an alarming number of pit bull attacks suffered by citizens while undergoing the basic task of "taking out the trash."
In December of 2008, Catherine Barber of the District, was violently attacked by two pit bulls while taking out the trash. Officer Keller inspected McNeely’s dog kennel and backyard, noting that, while the kennel was closed, secured, and had no openings in it from which the dogs could escape, the backyard fence was dilapidated and had been dug out in various places." McNeely was sentenced to: 8-24 months of imprisonment, and a fine of $5,000.

The City of Ridgeland Mississippi passed an ordinance that deems pit bulls and wolf-hybrids "vicious." The new law also limits these dogs (and all dogs deemed "vicious") to one per household. Owners of these dogs must microchip their animal, pay a $100 registration fee, meet other national registration, training and enclosure requirements and consent to unannounced inspections as well.

See sample dog laws at www.dogbitelaw.com by attorney Kenneth Phillips