Important Information on Technology You Should Be Aware Of

      But first be aware Freedom Isn't Free There are many working on taking yours away. Keep Informed. Be vigilant. Be Prepared. Support our Constitution and our Rights. We support Freedom of Speech and Media. This includes being able to criticize anything.

  Make The Golden Rule the expectation and standard of human conduct.
  Don't do to others what you would not want done to yourself.
  Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction

        Important links for You below:

      Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Which do you prefer rule by law, or rule by brute force? Civilization or savages killing each other?

    YOUR JOB FUTURE Here is an important 15 minute video you MUST SEE
Important Technology Need to Know Humans need not apply.

    Look at these American Opinions   Must See

      Getting Beter Education Finding Money You and your child can go to college with scholarships. Also there are some Free classes.
A good way to get better Education is to use the Internet. Classes there save you time and money. See what a College Professor has to say about it. Online Education There are Millions of dollars in scholarships not given out every year because no one even applied for them. See my list.       list of scholarships A LIST of OVER 5000 SCHOLARSHIPS revised Mar 6 2017 It is sometimes better to right click this link and select open with new tab.

    What will future jobs look like?
    Near Future Jobs This is a TED Talk by Andrew McAfee.
    Future Of Work O-Desk video Paradgm of virtual Teams
    The coming transhuman era This is a TED Talk in Grand Rapids by Jason Sosa.

    More Important Information on Jobs and How to get better Jobs. Getting Good Jobs

  Scouting, Important things to know from the Scout Handbook Be a Scout Survive

    For anyone who has not seen the Grand Canyon Look here : Amazing Flight Thru Grand Canyon with Nice music

    This Land is Your land

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    My Country Tis of Thee

  This is my Country BEAUTIFUL slides and Music    

  Carl Sagan On Humanity Must See

  DID YOU KNOW 2016 Must See
  Future Of Work

Half of US Jobs to be automated by Computerization Corporations will be replacing as many as 60% of current jobs thru automization because robots and computers are cheaper in the long run than paying humans. Beware! For corporations the bottom line is profit profit profit. They do not care about you and your family.

Smart Robots Can Now Work Right Next to Workers And they work without pay or breaks or vacations. They even can work in the dark. Factories will eventually be totally automated eliminating most jobs. An engineer and a few repair people will be all that is needed. Thousands will be put out of work.

    10 REAL Robots That Stole People's Jobs Lost Human Jobs
Corporations are putting profit before people. The US congress (now composed of mostly millionaires) is under control of the big corporations and the rich and are destroying the middle class and its decent jobs. Corporations for the most part only care about profits. But in the last 20 years Corporate greed has become a monster destroying the middle class. The corporations are automating jobs and replacing paid humans with unpaid machines. Human jobs are being replaced by the thousands by machines. The middle class is shrinking. We have more people in poverty and just above poverty than ever before while the rich hog the profits and refuse to provide decent paying jobs. Although Saudi Araiba has thousands of dwelings ready for them and there is lots of room for these refugees in the Middle East, Obama wants to bring in 10,000 of these aliens who support an idealogy which is anti US Constitution, and is anti women and anti Human rights and pay them thousands in settlement money plus give them welfare at your and my expense. Meanwhile we have thousands of homeless veterans, laid off workers, seniors and other real Americans who need help.

Corporate executives have gobbled most of the profits for themselves. Many big corporations even though making good profits are not paying their workers living wages or giving workers sufficient hours to make a living. This has forced many workers hold down multiple jobs. Many workers are forced to apply for food stamps so you and I have to support them while CEOs earn Millions a year. Apple CEO made $376 million a year. Masimo Corp's CEO $119. Million, The top 100 CEOs make from $143 to 20 Million a year. According to

The Walmart CEO makes about $20 Million a year whereas their workers many of whom are only given 20 hours a week of work are forced to go on welfare. The CEO made 536 times the average Walmart workers pay. In 2014 the average S&P 500 Index CEO received $13.5 million in total compensation which was 373 times the average workers pay.

Mylan maker of the EpiPen a packaged antidote to bee stings needed by 3.6 million Americans raised the price from $75. 450 percent to $633. in Aug 2016. Their CEO pay also just went from 5 Million to 19 Million a year. This may cause the deaths of many people including children in families who don't have that much money. This is inhuman and wrong. This is a violation of the Human Standard Code of Conduct.

Check the wealth distribution in the last 20 years. 1% of population now control most of the wealth in this country. 20% of our citizens and children are now below poverty level. In many areas over 1/2 of the population is below poverty level.

And because corporate greed has been put before education for too many years, China and several other countries are surpassing the USA in technology including war technology.

America has the technology and resources to create Ample For All including clothing, shelter and food for everyone (yet millions go to bed hungry). We have the technology and economic know how to put everyone to work who wants to work with at least a four day work week with a living pay rate. Yet corporations own the Congress and will not let this happen because their profits might go down just a little. But think about it. More people working and getting paid more means they would be buying more.

American children now test way below children from many other countries. This is unacceptable and a disgrace. This is fixable. Lack of leadership and apathy by the citizens allows the current educational and moral decline to continue. Many Americans are living in Entertainment land and fantasy land rather than reality.

The greed before balanced budget along with foolish wasted unecessary wars and unnecessary excessive spending and borrowing is putting the federal budget dept over the amount it can even print money to pay for which may lead to the fall of the value of the dollar which may lead to skyrocketing prices for everything. Citizens will not be able to afford food and other basics. The government has opened and staffed over 800 concentration camps across the country, bought up most available ammo and is planning for implementing martial law thru executive orders. Check out these facts and see for yourself. Perhaps you should stock up on food water and gas.

Just a reminder to you that virtually everything you say and do on the Internet and fone are recorded for possible future reference by Big Brother (BB) and his pupets. This is not a parnoid delusion but rather a truthful fact. If in doubt do some research. Your face is now in government, corporate and private databases. Soon wherever you go stores will know who you are when you enter their store and BB will soon know where you are in public places or driving. Cameras and face recognition software are now being installed in multiple locations. Google even sells your searches to whomever wants to buy them including employers. Windows 10 has spyware and BB has already looked at personal information of thousands of people. Virtually all of your pay and electronic (which is most of it) financial and credit transactions are also recorded for future use by BB. Do you leave your computer on with its camera and microphone. Guess who can use that to spy on you? Ever feel lonely? Is it possible for BB or Identity thieves to watch you? Do you help Identity thieves by publishing your personal life and pictures on Facebook and other social media? Check these statements out for yourself. See if I have spoken the truth. Also look at the movie "Enemy of the State" Read the book 1984 by George Orwell. We need to protect our freedom because scientific dictatorship is becoming possible. BB, and foreign operatives will soon have the power to control people, by collecting "dirt" on people and to control their financial transactions. The big banks or BB can control your credit card or debit card, and worse your income deposits, withdrawls and other financial actions. I have had some of it happen to me.

Technology Links New Important things you should be aware of   DID YOU KNOW? Must see.
  10 Future Tech Marvels That Already Exist
  The Future World
  Hologram Voice Mail
  Holographic Fone
  Mu Chips Important to know about
Understanding new Scientific discoveres. Example there are 11 Dimensions according to science

See what an Imminent Physicist has to say about that
2 minutes long.   Michio Kaku: The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

The possibility of parallel Universes
  The Universe Parallel Universes Clip 1

  Here is the latest summary of Physics including what is inside atoms 42 minutes long, illustrated lecture by Dr Michio Kaku The Universe in a Nutshell

  How RFID Works
  How is RFID used inside a living body?
  Thought Control Thought Controlled Computing is Here Ariel Garten, Ted Talk

  And here is a wonderful solar idea GREAT IDEA

  Concerns About How RFID Will Be Used
  Get a RFID reader and capture information
  Buy a Spy humming bird drone and Spy on your Neighbors. Private drones are now legal.
  Become a Private Eye Get Paid to Spy on People
  Get your own Spy Dragonfly with Camera Capability Fly Inside or Outside Now
  Cyborg beetles to be the US military's latest weapon
  Robot fly
  Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)
  DARPA Drones and Robots



  spy mosquito machine
  A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors This is University Research Not Fiction
  Robot Mosquitos
  This Week in Engineering Spy Drone
  Is not a mosquito... its a drone
  RFID chips
    Tracking Immigrants and workers with implanted chips
  US Companies Implant Chips In Workers
  Implanting chips in Children to Identify and track them
  Implanting chips in babies in hospitals to Identify and track them
  Implanting chips in criminals to Identify and track them
  Implanting chips in Citizens to Identify and track them
  What Stores to spy on you?
  Memories Read by others
  RFID Implants now approved by FDA for insertion in Patients in Hospitals
  Implanting chips in babies in hospitals to Identify and track them
  Implants now used to control human behavior
  Microchipped Population Control of Humans
  Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics
  Implants being inserted in 100s of Patients while in 100s of Hospitals without their knowledge censored Also unverified
  American Medical Association boards implantable chip wagon

  Obamacare Madates RFID Chip Implant for Every US Citizen
  Required RFID implanted chip Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry
  Note above has not been verified
  BioChip Implants
  Active RFIDs
  Chips in humans controlling limbs and electronics TVs
  Thought Control
    SURVEILLANCE OF YOU Hundreds of cameras in public areas and at intersections and on satellites and on drones flying around. (They have been spotted in our area as they are now legal in private sector) RFID trackable chips in drivers licenses, passports, clothing, tires, credit and special cards all readable in doorways without our knowledge, GPS tracking on everyone's cell phones and cars all available to the government, phone and Internet usage now recorded, private companies and foreign intelligence organizations gathering information about us, businesses and government demanding our personal information including birth date, drivers license numbers, social security numbers, our personal private information being placed in databases by private organizations and governments and put up for sale to anyone and your personal information compromised by carelessness. Hackers, Crackers, key loggers, spy ware, criminals cleaning out bank accounts of over 10 million people a year. It has become impossible to be a private person. PRIVACY IS DEAD
  Micro Air Vehicle Tested By Miami Police
    GET A $100 SPEEDING TICKET AUTOMATICALLY   Automatic License Plate Recognition Goes Mobile
  Autonomous UAV Surveillance Swarm
  How Not To Be Tracked By Your Cell Phone
  How can I make sure I am not being tracked on my phone?
  Can u really be tracked down by your cell phone number?
  Surveillance of the Population by Thousands of Cameras, Devices and RFID chips
  Surveillance Drone Bird Crashes
  Robotic Hummingbird Spy
  Secret GPS Tracking Devices Legal
  You Can't Hide From
  They can find you in a crowd
  MICROCHIPS TO BE IMPLANTED IN CONVICTS SO THEY CAN BE TRACKED. THIS MAY REPLACE TETHERS and it stays in the criminals for life allowing the government to keep tracking them.
  Orwellian 'Baby' Brother Cams
  Trashcan Surveillance
  2,397 cameras in Manhattan alone
  Spy on your Employees, Spouse or Kids buy Mobile Spy Phone and Computer Monitoring Software
  SniperSpy is the latest in cutting-edge remote monitoring technology that allows you to remotely install and monitor from anywhere. Silently record activities and view the screen in real time!
TRACK PEOPLE, THINGS OR VEHICLES   DID YOU KNOW...That you can easily monitor the exact location of a vehicle, person or asset in real time? Our GPS trackers give you the information you need in seconds, using any smart phone or computer.
    Track anyone anytime after all it must be legal as governments do it to us. Just do a Google search on GPS Tracking see for yourself.

17c RFID zeitgeist
17b You'llNeverWalkAloneAndré Rieu 
Fiddling Around (medley)
  Auld Lang Syne Fireplace
TECH BREAKS Ghostbusters

Hard drive music

  Touchable Holograms the Future
  Holographic home short
  House of Future
1WTC night tour nice music
  America The Beautiful nice

  My Country Tis of Thee with lyrics on screen, nice
  America the Beautiful
  God Bless America Great
  Glasses replacing computer screen

This 2001 attack was the Second planned attack on the WTC 3000 Americans were killed. The first attack was in 1993 when 1000 were injured and 6 killed. Both attacks were planned in advance and carried out by Islamists. Since then over 6000 more Americans have died and 30,000 wounded fighting these terrorists. And there have been over 20,000 additional attacks by these terrorists around the world since 2001. They are at war with us and our our Western way of life. We helped free them from dictators then they killed our ambassador and staff. They have killed thousands of innocent persons on purpose including Red Cross and humanitarian aid workers. They do not tolerate any negative comments or cartoons about their religion and kill innocent persons in retribution. And they have abused and continue to abuse millions of women and children. Look at their actions in countries where they have a majority. Check out recent newspaper accounts of these atrocities. And Look at their actions on human rights. Actions speak louder than words. Actions speak louder than words.

  Flag Stands for Freedom
  Support Our Troops
  New World Trade Center Fountain with Nice music
  New WTC fly thru
  This Land is Your Land Arlo Guthrie

                Journalist Daniel Pearl and hundreds of others  
          have been decapitated by these terrorists.

Shocking American Opinions Must See


  There are emerging fields where there are job openings
  3 D Printing job opportunities coming
  3d metal printer How It Works

Humanlike Robots

  Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC

  Lady Robot Speaks Her Mind   Speaks

  Human-Like Robot Steals Show at GMIC 2016   Nadine

  Nadine explained in detail   Nadine Explained

  Examples of Human like robots   Examples

  TEN REAL Robots That Stole People's Jobs   REAL

  humanlike robots


  Different Human Like Robot

  At oceanpark Dina Baby

  Has technology gone too far? Cara Human Robot
  Robot in Workplace Shows Parts

    Holo Conferencing
  3D holo conferencing
  DVE Huddle70
  Cisco:The Future of Shopping
  The USA has been attacked several times. Pearl Harbor was bombed and 2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 wounded. The Japanese wanted to take over Asia. The Nazis planned to take over. During World War II 60 Million people were murdered. Now in 2013 it appears that corporations and rich bankers are taking over America. The middle class has become the forgotten class. The American dream has turned into a nightmare for most. The irresponsible self serving Congress and Presidents have mismanaged the country and squandered our money. The people had better throw them out and put in representatives who will properly serve the people. Both big parties have become self serving machines. Some say we need a good third Independent party of the people, not of the rich or the corporations.

  Try a little Kindness
  Times They Are a Changing
  800 Best Music Pieces You have Not Heard
  Warren Michigan History and Music site
    Make The Golden Rule the expectation and standard of human conduct.
Bring no harm to another by your actions or inaction

  FUTURE VIDEO LINKS Interesting     Carl Sagan - Words of Wisdom

  Carl Sagan: "A message for the people of Earth
  Carl Sagan - We Are One Planet
  Welcome to the 2020s (Future Timeline Events 2020-2029) 7min 40 secs good realistic
  Future 2021-2200
  2050 architectural renderings dramatic music
  ABC .. Special .. EARTH 2100 .. 1/9
  The above is just the first in a series of 9 an average of 9 minutes each will automatically load the next one. The summary is great changes will happen due to global warming and pollution, continued use of fossil fuels, continued lack of medical research, continued lack of population control and lack of sea water hold back barriers around low lying cities like NY. The result is drought, climate change, loss of crops, excessive hot and cold weather, pandemics, flooding and possible breakdown in government and civilization. This whole special is very informative.

                    Carl Sagan was one og the great scientists and thinkers. Here are a few clips.
  A Way of Thinking CARL SAGAN - A Way of Thinking
  We Are One Planet Carl Sagan
  pertinent message for humanity
  Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan
  25 Carl Sagan Videos
  Nuclear Winter Interview
    Carl Sagan - Profound Words of Wisdom
    Planet of Idiots Carl Sagan - Planet Of The Idiots (Planeta dos Idiotas)
  Our Universe A Universe Not Made For Us (Carl Sagan on religion)
  World in 2030" by Dr. Michio Kaku 1 hour
  Universe Infinitely big to Infinitely small. Our Infinitely Small Place in the Universe

Military   Water powered Car
  China's Present/Future Military Technology
  Predator Pilot
  army hummingbird
QUANTUM COMPUTERS   3 minute Miku Hologram
  MK quantum cmptr
  MK 11 dimensions
  MK string theory
  MK symphony of vibrating strings
  Cosmos- mecânica quântica Quantum Mechanics & Parallel Universes somewhat proven and explained if you can comprehend them
  SynergyNet Multi-Touch Classroom
  Bookless Public Library?
Controls Am  
Intro SecondLife   Intro SecondLife
  SecondLife better

  defense in Office

  Best directons surviving a classroom attack

Ohio state University
  Ohio State

EMERGENCY RESPONSE active shooter on campus
Practical Response Rock Valley College   In College


Concordia University
  Concordia University

Best High school defense   In High school

          Some Nice Music
  This is my Country: USA
  This Land Is Your Land
  This land is Our Land Arlo G
  This Land is Your Land with fotos
Fiddling Around (medley)
This Land Is Your Land National parks
this land is your land fotos
Geoff's Soldier's Joy
  Syncopated Clock
  Orinoco flow Enya
  Enya - Watermark
  Enya - The Memory Of Trees
  ENYA - a day without rain
  Fiddle Faddle - Marimba Ensemble
  That Happy Feeling - Bert Kaempfert
  Bert Kaempfert – Wimoweh
  Peter Piper - Frank mills
  Music Box Dancer - Frank Mills
  Mitch Miller Orchestra Yankee Doodle/The Girl I Left Behind Me no singing
  Geoff's Soldier's Joy
  Fiddle Medley
  Fiddling Around (medley)
  Quebe Sis Fiddle Medley
  Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack
  Best of Star Wars - John Williams
  Yankee Doodle fotos +
  Auld Lang Syne Fireplace
  Chet Atkins Bells Of St Marys
  Yankee Doodle and Gerryowen
  Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos)
  Battle of New Orleans, In 1814
  Sink The Bismarck - Johnny Horton
  One Tin Soldier
  Yanii best concert ever
  Amazing! Christmas Canon -Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  Ann&Mac OhSosanna

Multiple Dimensions   Dimensions explainedby Rob Bryanton
  iPad3 goodpicken
  Brave New World: Transhuman Part 1
  Brave New World: Transhuman Part 2 Tampering with genes medical applications 1:10
:33 Tampering with genes medical applications 1:10 3:50 longer lives smarter 4:44 7:11Nonbiologicalintelligence growing willbe dominate7:30 8:57 Programming itself to end  
3:50 longer lives smarter 4:44 7:11Nonbiologicalintelligence growing willbe dominate7:30 8:57 Programming itself to end   Brave New WorldTranshuman:Part3
2:53 losers not treated well 3:49 4:50 don't want tobeleft behind 5:29end growing nervectrs   BraveNewWorld:TranshumanPart4 BraveNewWorld:TranshumanPart4
00 Training nerves in dishes to fly airplane 1:36 9:47 will see in your brain -end
BraveNewWorld:TranshumanPart5 Part 5
improving human intelligence :35 2:10 new humans artificial bio virtual 2:37 2:49 VR nano Tech 8:37 exploration of universe more problems Post Human Era more responsibility to end Brave New World: Transhuman1 7:20 DNA 8:52
BraveNewWorld:TranshumanPart5 xxx rights hologram phone invasion
  Plastic epaper

  Additional Useful Web Sites
  10 Future Tech that Already Exists

  Which do you prefer rule by law or rule by brute force? Civilization or savages killing each other?

  1WTC night tour nice music

  StarSpangled Bannner With Boston Pops Orchestra
May have been shown
01 Orientation

  Future Of Work

01 10 Future TechAlready Exist
01 defense in Office

02 America the Beautiful better
02 pen computer

STEM jobs
  Ohio State

03 This is my Country: USA

03 Thanks
04 My Country Tis of Thee
04 Cisco: The Future of Shopping  

05 GBA slideshow
05 Near future of the world 2011-
05 Nokia 2013 glasses
05 Last Resort ACTIVE SHOOTER Alon Stivi Best directons surviving a classroom attack

06 This land is Our Land Arlo G
06 Prt Screen Key in detail and Snipping Tool
06 Sleep & Hibernate
06 3D printing
06 What is a UPS? What is a UPS?

God Bless America
Top 10 jobs
Kipplinger jobs
André Rieu America the Beautiful  
One World Trade Center July 4th, 2013
Advanced tech screens cups newspapers boarding
Micro Drone french
Are We Prepared Cut at 1:4
6c Free WIFi
CNN fut tech
Pete Seeger: Ode to Joy
World of 2020

Google Advanced Search Tricks:
this land your land lyrics
7c FreedomEvermore
7c careers to pick
7c 7b Oh Susanna! - Musica
07 Practical Response Rock Valley College   In College

8c Yankee Doodle Fife and Drum
8c Fastest growing Jobs Future Career 2018 loud Jobs
Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans The Pulse CNBC Hot Robot
Lady Robot Speaks Her Mind Speaks
Human-Like Robot Steals Show at GMIC 2016 Nadine Human-Like Robot
Nadine explained in detail Nadine
Examples of Human like robots Examples
10 REAL Robots That Stole People's Jobs Stole jobs
humanlike robots humanlike robots
8c or Actroid-F
8c At oceanpark
BB Prime time
Google spying
9c Patriotic Medley grand old flag
9c Preparing for the Future Job Market
9c this or next MikuGiving Day
9c Hologram Voice Mail
9c huge HologramHatsune 
3D Hologram ProjectionElvis

10c Cisco Telepresence
10b SoldierJoy
11c A F Bugbot Nano Drone
11c Holography Touchable life saving  
Sting ray
Feds Sting ray Better

11b Redwing
Syncopated Clock
12c Christmas Canon -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

      Interactive Tech CNN look atfuture of interactive tech

12b Liberty An&Mac
13c Patriotic 4thJuly
Graphine batt
Zeiss glasses short dramatic music
Geoff's Soldier's Joy
14 Arkansas Traveler
Yankee Doodle and Gerryowen
15 Yankee Doodle
Fiddle Medley
16 2050 aritectural renderings dramatic music
30   Auld Lang Syne Fireplace
30 world 2011-2020 2011-2020
30 World of 2020-2029
31 Future 2030-2239 2030-2239
31 Find Your Lost Phone 3 Steps to Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone Fast
31 Google map location Locate a Mobile Phone anywhere
31 How To Track People By Their Cell Phones
31 How to trackmobilefone anywhere with Tracka fone<
    OPERATING SYSTEMS   What is Linux? Linux is now easier than wehen this guy made this video.
  Six Reasons Why You Should Use Linux Why use Linux
  Why Linux Is So Secure
  Windows 10 vs Linux | Linux Mint 17.2 Impressions 6 munites
  Six Reasons PCs are Better with Linux   Linux is better for you
  Dual Boot Linux Mint with Windows
  How to Download and make a Live CD of Linux Mint
  Free software, free society: Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014 Free Software
  Linux Mint 17.3 Review - Linux Distro Reviews Mint 17.3 Review

  All Your Favorite Apps, Everywhere a useful tool not a virus. lets you carry all your favorite apps on a portable device or cloud drive and use them on any PC. Your browser with your bookmarks and extensions, your office suite, your photo editor, your music collection, your games, your development tools and more. Everything you need for work and play with you on every PC you use. Work, home, school, visiting family and friends, even while traveling. And everything stays on your drive, too. Now, every PC becomes your PC.  

    Freedom Isn't Free American Opinions NOW Must See

  Video Links Technology Videos in A-Z order
  What is great about Duck Duck Go
  First Aid
  Where to get myitlab code and Myitlab program which is required.
  Free programs from Microsoft

  Important Notes pages 1, 2
  DID YOU KNOW 2016 technology
  Future Of Work
  The Search Engine List Look at this
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