Warren Union Cemetery Needs Help

The West fence has become overgbrown and needs to have the vines etc cut as it is pushing the fence down.. Wes has volunteered to do what he can with his long handled clipper.

The West Fence is being crushed down by several trees and shrubs. Jim is in no hurry to fix this even though the trees were on his property. He would like a team of volunteers or the city to do the work. He states he will start on it. He pointed out that he had a tree fallon his property and that homeowners policy took care of it.

Here is jims third tree crushing fence in opposite direction.

The solution is to get someone to cut the trees and restore the fence.

Wesley Arnold has volunteered to use his long handled trimmer to cut the smaller vines.

This new little tree was killed by deer looking for food in the cemetery. They get in thru three big holes in the back fence. The problem is peole feed them in the cemetery then when they come back looking for food they destroy our wonderful new plants and shrubs. Wes is going to get some wire and attempt to patch the fence holes.

More nawings

more nawings proof of deer damage

This stone is down partly because of base deterioration and part by vandalism. I can't pick it up. Many stones need a better base.A survey needs to be done and a grant or funds obtained as this work is too much for us old folks. Perhaps just flat foundation blocks could be used but we still need a machine for lifting. This would be ideal work for county prisioners to do. Free labor. The city or county must have a forklift.

Other tall stones are also in danger of falling perhaps on a child.