Warren Union Cemetery

Hundreds of graves are now unmarked at Warren Union Cemetery and or the stones are unreadable. Please help Historian Wesley Arnold identify these. Hundreds are children. If you have relatives buried there please contact me at   wecare@macombhistory.us   I want to record your family records of those buried at Warren Union Cemetery while there are still people alive that have records. These will be saved and published in libraries. Do not give them to the Warren Historical Society unless you give a copy to me. That will guarantee that it will be preserved and not disposed of.
Researchers report there are many children with unmarked graves

Warren Union Cemetery The Plaque states that Warren Union Cemetery has at least 325 graves that date from the 19th Century. But there are many more. It is possible that there are actually hundreds more, if one counts the many pioneers and hundreds of stillborns, hour old babys, day old babys infants and children. Many of those died terrible deaths from the many childhood diseases which we now have cures for such as Whooping Cough, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever, Inflammation of Bowels, Summer Complaint often with severe pain. Most of the pioneers did not have the money to buy a stone and there was no one to buy it from. They often felt the resurection was coming soon and that no stone was needed. As a result there are hundreds of graves without markers. Warren Union CemeteryOn June 21 1845 Peter Gillette sold part of his land to 18 grantees for the purpose of a burying ground. He reserved a lot for his family. Grantees were Isaac Barton Oliver Barton, Ames, Davy, Halsey, Hitchcock, Hoxie, Royce, Smith, McGrath, Torry, Scott, Height, Sherry, Dinning and Johnson and others. More land was purchased in 1854, 1863, 1877, 1884, 1885, and 1904. On May 24, 1884 the trustees of St Paul United Church of Christ purchased the east portion of the cemetery from the First Methodist Church. It appears that the name Union Cemetery comes from that union of these two church burial grounds as it was referred to as the Union Cemetery as early as 1854. It was neglected and vandalized for over 100 years until 1978 when the old Warren Historical Society adoped it as a community project. St Paul United Church of Christ pays for the upkeep of the east side. However today it is still being vandalized.

According to the Warren Police, WWJ, and Macomb Daily officers of the Warren Historical Society are behind the stealing of at least 5 expensive memorials from Warren Union Cemetery. They do not own the cemetery or the markers, They did this secretly without just cause, without a public hearing, without notification to the membership, police, City Council or even property owners. They robbed Warren's unknown soldier memorial from a grave and they stole a memorial that listed Warren soldiers who are buried there. This was the only memorial showing the names of these soldiers. Nothing was found wrong with these memorials in a meeting held afterward. And they stole the memorial to all veterans and to those who died on attacks on our country and 9-11 (including over 400 policemen and firemen) and they stole another that honors our flag and yet another that honors those many children and pioneers buried there without markers. These memorials were causing no harm. There is lots of room for them. They posed no threat. There is nothing disrespectful or wrong about these memorials. The memorials were there to honor men who died and to educate visitors especially young people who no longer learn about history in school. This grave robbing gang actually has a written plan to steal more markers they do not like without notice and several more markers are now gone including an expensive family's epitaph robbed from a grave.

We veterans who survived wars speak for the soldiers buried there. We veterans went through hell, were wounded, saw friends die, heard the pain filled screams of mortally wounded men, put friends body parts into body bags, accompanied friends caskets home. We served our country with honor and integrity. We feel it is wrong to steal soldiers memorials and especially ones which show soldiers honored service to future generations for whom they fought and died. They at least earned their name on a granite memorial and this grave robbing gang has no right to steal soldiers memorials they don't own out of our cemetery. Now visitors including young people will not be able to see who these soldiers were. Now many of our soldiers have no marker at all because the only one they had was stolen.

It appears that the persons who did this are now so ashamed of their actions they are now trying to blame others. This was not an action by the historical society rather just two persons. The membership or public had not been informed and The Village Commission did not vote on this.

Taking property that is not yours is called stealing and when it is worth several thousand dollars it is grand larceny. It has been over a year and they have not returned or replaced them.

Disrespecting our soldiers who were killed or put their lives on the line for our freedom is wrong. Stealing memorials that name our soldiers is worse than disgraceful. They are robbing our history left for our young people who no longer are taught history in school. No one should be allowed to steal memorials they don't own out of a cemetery they don't own. We veterans feel that they have disrespected our soldiers, our flag and those who died on attacks to our country. These memorials were donated without cost to the city possibility by out of town descendents of those buried there.

We veterans are asking that The Warren Village Commission simply acknowledge that these memorials are not a threat to anyone, harm no one, honor our Warren Soldiers many of which are buried in Warren Union Cemetery which has lots of room for them and does so without cost to the city. We also ask that the people who removed them without public notice or the vote of The Village Commission simply return them without cost to the city. This will also avoid costly and ugly legal battles supported by hundreds of veterans over the improper removal (grand larceny) and disrespecting of our soldiers. This simple and cost free action would make The Warren Village Commission heroes to thousands of Warren children, and veterans who look to them to preserve our Warren Village Historical and American Heritage to future generations.

Another way to look at this is that it was a big mistake by these two people. They have the opportunity now to rectify the mistake by returning the memorials. Respect our Warren soldiers and those who died by allowing their names to be seen without cost and honored on these granite stones in their home town Warren Village. This also fulfills the missions of The Warren Historical Commission, the society and Village Commission to preserve our history and educate future generations.

But if they choose to disrespect our soldiers and veterans and those who died defending our freedom and on attacks on our country let it be known that we will mount a campaign against those few disrespectors and there are hundreds of us. And we veterans are not going to allow men and women who died to be disrespected and their history stolen from our local cemetery. Attention attorneys we are looking for attorneys who are willing to help us fight this cause. We are willing to do fund raising to pay you. We are looking for banks or organizations who are willing to accept donations directly to them for this cause. None of us is to accept funds rather they are to go directly to the banks. History will note whether these disrespectors of those who died for our freedom shall be known as the Warren "Hysterical" grave robbing gang, or shall be known as Historical Heroes who preserved our American Heritage, educated future generations and respected our soldiers.

This cemetery is part of the Warren Village Historic District.

Warren's Union Cemetery and St Clement's Cemetery.  hold most of the remains of the pioneers of Warren.  See indexes on this website to all known graves.

Photography by Wesley Arnold humble historian

Volunteer Tom Turmel is responsible for hundreds of beautiful plants, shrubs and trees.

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