What we need to do to help make a better life for all of us.  pages 1-6

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You can make a difference in improving things. You feel happy, when you help make a better world.


Much is easy to do such as:

Promote the idea that the Golden Rule should be the expected conduct for all humans,

with the expectation that one must not bring harm to another by one's actions or inaction.


Promote the idea that all Humans should be responsible for their actions and inactions.


Promote the idea that Humans should be Humane. The most intelligent of known beings must be expected to act responsibly, wisely, and kindly.

We must put an end to irresponsible behavior because it hurts others and will destroy us. (Killing each other or Nuclear Extinction) The issue is irresponsible behavior.

Hurting us and others is no longer acceptable in today’s world.

All Humans Must Bring no Harm by their Actions or Inaction.

We must enforce the bring no harm code of conduct as both the expectation and

the required human code of conduct, to be taught to children and make it expected of all adults.


Create a better human of the future thru better parenting.  Issue is poor parenting, lack of parenting, lack of affordable child care. Forcing young mothers to work.

Encourage schools and government to offer Free parenting classes and child care for all who need them.

Treat children fairly and teach them to be fair

Gradually give children responsibilities such as little chores that gives them

the satisfaction of doing something. Teach them to be responsible for doing them.

Encourage them to be responsible for their actions.

Read to little ones daily. Make them feel loved.

Visit the library and get them children's books so they learn the excitement in learning.

Encourage them to learn new things where ever they are.


Make it the expectation that all humans are expected to act responsibly and take positive action to improve the life of all humans.


Here is something you should be aware of.  

We have enough resources, and have had for several years, in the USA to do all of the following: Create ample shoes, clothing and food for all.  Also, we have more than enough resources for every adult to have all of the things they need including decent affordable apartment a decent car,

 a vacation and reasonable working hours.  And we have had these resources for many years.  However, these resources have been withheld from you and me.

We have enough resources to have abundance for all right now but others are preventing this from happening.


We need to find a way to create minimum income for all because soon automation (computers and machines) will be taking over more than half of present jobs causing massive unemployment without creating new jobs.  This has already started. Here is proof.  Here are some of hundreds of job titles that have already been or being mostly replaced by computers or machines:

Elevator operator, heavy lifter, ditch digger, blacksmith, miller, sawfiler, beader, breaker men, hand coal miner, horse liverier, horse driver, buggy maker, knocker-upper, airplane listener, rat catcher,  soaper, bobbin changer, human computer, newspaper press typesetter, prepress technician and worker, printing press operator, coil winder, tapper, finisher, textile machine setter, operator and tender, semiconductor processor, communications equipment operator, parts clerk, material planner, materials manager, supply specialist, production planner, unit specialist, medical records technician, file filer, cost analyst, shoe and leather worker, sewing machine operator, book peddler, wheelwright, typing pool worker, fax machine operator, typing secretary, computer room operator, factory worker, local telephone operator, ice cutter, the ice man with his horse and wagon, the milk man and his truck, the fuller brush man, log driver, lumber jack, chimney sweep, hemp dresser, scissors-grinder, the coal man and his truck, the oil man, petroleum pump system operator, desktop publisher, bookbinder, cordwainer, corsetier, draper, dressmaker, embroiderer, glover, hatter, leatherworker, milliner, quilter, seamstress, shoemaker, tailor, upholsterer, rail road jobs boilerman, chief fireman, brakeman, gandy dancer, station agent, station master, porter, dispatcher, freight conductor, signalman, lubricator, wheeltapper, lamplighter, pinsetter, town crier, computer card key puncher, the gas station attendant who checked your oil and pumped gas for you, the car washer, cashier, telephone answerer, telemarketers, accountant, account clerk, administrative assistant, now being replaced by answering machines.  Thousands of tool and die workers have been replaced with computerized machines.

      5 million driving jobs will be replaced by autonomous cars and trucks.  They will drive us or pick up the kids much more safely than human drivers who kill thousands every year by texting and drinking etc. Pilots are also being replaced by drones and automated flying systems and this goes for ship pilots, and railroad and mass transit operators.


Millions of white collar workers are beginning to, and will be replaced by computers with artificial intelligence (bots). 

These will also replace many “experts” in many fields, executives, doctors, lawyers, artists. telemarketers, auditors, accountants, retail salespersons, technical writers, real estate sales agents, machinists, commercial pilots, economists, health technologists, video rental clerks, assembly line worker, travel agents, supermarket cashiers,  photographic processors, postal workers, call center workers, help desk workers,  taxi drivers, office clerks, managers, most bank tellers, check out people at stores, store shelf stockers, special coffee makers and servers, hardware clerks, store clerks, retail employees, pizza deliverers, special vans with compartments (when the customer comes out and pays the compartment with her order opens), pizza, bread, pastry and other food making machines will replace thousands of human workers.


This is because these intelligent computers and machines can learn a job by asking questions and observing, then replace the human worker.  The computer can then work 24/7 without pay or vacation.


Pharmacy machines are beginning to replace pharmacists. These machines can fill thousands of prescriptions without error,

and crosscheck drug interactions (better than humans) and work 24/7 in the dark while the store is closed, without breaks and without pay.  Businesses will choose them over humans because they cost less than a year of human salary and then work 24/7 for no pay, no breaks, no vacation.

Thousands of workers have been and are being replaced in the automotive, manufacturing, and tool and die industries by specialized machines and robots and will soon replace even more with general purpose robots.

Amazon now the biggest retailer, uses thousands of robots to bring stock racks to order pickers. 

Thousands of fast food workers are about to be replaced by computer ordering systems and food making machines.


There are machines being created for brick laying, painting, fruit picking, cotton picking, harvesting crops, and thousands of other skilled trade jobs. Microsoft announced in Sept 2017 a new cloud based set of programs including a customer service bot. 

This will replace thousands of customer service workers and thousands of telephone support workers.


The significance of this is that companies can just use their present computers and use the programs and computing power on Microsoft servers.  Just as having the world’s best doctor, who is Watson an IBM mainframe computer, which can be used on a smart fone, now thousands of workers are about to be replaced by bots on the internet programmed to do that workers job.


Bots and robots taking over most work will free up humans for a wonderful creative life with endless wonderful possibilities of things to do and enjoy. Computers in cybernetic systems will be running most things more efficiently and this will free humans from having to work. In the future human workers won’t be needed as androids will be working 24/7 without pay.


Because soon automation (computers and machines) will be taking over more than half of present jobs

this will cause massive unemployment.  This time very few new jobs will be created. 

Millions of people will have to apply for unemployment and welfare. This is not sustainable.  And if people cannot get the necessities for their families they will start stealing.  Welfare and unemployment which will run out is not a reasonable answer. 


We need to find a way to create minimum income. Here is a way to create a sustainable minimum income for all citizens.


Install solar panels and solar roofs nationwide. The USA has the resources to do this and it will pay for itself in a few years.  Then give every citizen an equal share in all energy received free from the sun every day. That can be a minimum income for all citizens renewed daily in the form of credit.

With a minimum income no one need to starve or go without. Crime would be lessened. The economy would be improved because people could buy things again. And everyone is still free to find additional jobs and earn a higher income.  The rich can still keep their wealth. This would spread prosperity nationwide and enable abundance for all to be created.


But there will be opposition as the rich and corporations will want to do this for their own profits by charging you and me instead for this free energy. 


MANY CONGRESSMEN HAVE A SERIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST because they now represent corporations rather than us.  This is because corporations make donations to congressional campaigns and other bribes to congress to the tune of over 1.5 Billion dollars every year.  If they represent corporations then we need to expose them as there is no recall that can be done by voters.  They can only be removed by the congress itself.  Here is how to find out if that congressman is working for you or for corporations.

There are hundreds big corporations that pay little to no income tax because they use a trick of getting a mailing address out of the United States such as in Bermuda.  It has been a legal loophole for them to pay no tax.  Ask your federal and state lawmakers to sponsor a bill making it illegal for US corporations who have workers here and who have offices here and sell products here to dodge paying their fair share of taxes.  You and I can’t get a foreign mailing address and dodge taxes so why should they.  And they are in many cases earning billions of dollars. Examples are Bank of America, GE, Exon Oil.

Corporate welfare   Ken Lewis CEO of BankAmerica received $147,000,000 in compensation in 2008 while the Bank of America received hundreds of billions in tax payer backed loans of our money from the fed at 1%  and a $45,000,000,000 bailout from the treasury from us taxpayers and Bank America pays almost zero taxes. This is super grand larceny and the congressmen who did this should be put in jail.  James Dimon is a CEO of JPMorgan Chase received 110,000,000 in total compensation in the bank received hundreds of billions in low interest loans and financial assistance of 29 billion from the Federal reserve in the treasury department.  And his bank was bailed the R 25 billion by taxpayers they also receive 1.1 million in tax breaks.  GE was given a 16 BILLION bailout.  The CEO of Cisco stated that China will become the IT center of the world.  And they outsource thousands of jobs to China.  Meanwhile Cisco gets a billion in tax breaks.  John Mack CEO of Morgan Stanley received a $40,000,000 bonus in 2006 two years after this you received a two trillion dollar low interest loans from the treasury department and he was given an over $900,000,000 tax break  And when their company goes broke got the taxpayers to bail them out.  CEOs are huge compensation packages in the millions. And much of this is funded by taxpayer interest and corporate welfare on the backs of us working people.  It is because of this corporate welfare and the not paying of good wages that most of us have been robbed of the American dream of a better life for all and abundance for all.  They are not paying their fair share of taxes.  So the roads don’t get fixed and the government borrows more and more money on which more and more interest is paid to rich banks who pay no taxes.

       Credit unions in Michigan are limited to charging up to 15% interest on loans and credit cards.  Let’s limit banks also to 15%.  Other states are beginning to do this.  Aren’t you sick of paying 20-29% on your credit cards to banks who borrow taxpayer money from the Fed and only get charged 1% interest then turn around and charge us 29% interest after taxpayer money was used to bail them out.  That is extortion, racketeering, thievery….  Ask your senator to sponsor a bill to do this.

 If he doesn’t take action for us then let’s make that public and start a publicity campaign to expose them so that people do not reelect them for another 6 year term. 

     We should start a campaign for a constitutional amendment to reduce congressional terms to two years and to install a recall method that can be done by voters.


Insist on a simple graduated income tax of on all income over $24,000 no loopholes. Include corporations.

Insist on a 1% tax on the price paid in all stock purchases. No loopholes.  Workers would not have to file tax returns as all taxes would be deducted by employer.

This would bring in huge amounts that could put fix the roads, improve the infrastructure, pay down the debt and improve many other things.  This would help everyone and not hurt anyone.


This means the rich and corporations would finally have to pay their fair share.

The rich bankers and “Fed,” which is actually private rich bankers, make millions tax free on interest now by loaning the government money and promoting wars for profits.


Keep the Estate Tax  The wealthy want to get rid of the Estate tax which they have named the Death Tax.  The truth is There is no death tax for anyone with an estate of under a million dollars.  This tax is on large estates and only benefits the wealthy it only benefits the top 3/10 1% and it would add one trillion to the national debt Because of losses of taxes paid.  The Walton family of WalMart has $89.6 billion in wealth and they would receive 32.7 billion tax breaks if the estate tax passed.  We need the wealthy to pay their fair share.


Pass The 28th Amendment: Congress shall not pass or keep any laws that they exempt themselves from

or any laws that give them or corporations special benefits that are not given to citizens (such as tax breaks). 

They should have to live on the same social security as we do, and have the same health care.

If other poorer countries can have good health care for all so can we.

STOP WASTING OUR TAX MONEY. End Congressional life pensions.

Don't cut social security that was money we worked for. That is our money we paid into.

Congress should pay back the money Congress took out of it. Increase payments to livable amount.


Stop the gouging by medical companies by regulating them.   Use bots to eliminate the now costly red tape.  Install Medicare for all.  Have the government set a fair price on drugs and medical services that gives medical providers a fair profit and is fair to patients.  Allow foreign competition in drugs.  This works well in 30 other countries all of which are poorer than us.  They are providing good medical and drug coverage for all of their citizens.  The USA at present does not provide adequate and many times any help to citizens.  Americans often pay 2 or 3 times what people in the rest of the world do.  The medical industry is out of control and is gouging us.  We are sometimes charged 2 to over a hundred times what the actual cost is.  See my article on this separately.


Find out who your national and state Senators and representatives are

and get their email addresses and phone numbers.  Put that down in writing in a list.

Call or email them and ask them to do take action on these items.


Below are a few additional things that need to be done.


Replace welfare with workfare. Insist on workfare which requires recipients to do public service work and receive training so they work their way off of it.


Stop hunger, homelessness, illness by providing food, shelter and medical care for the needy. then require workfare with job training.  Create jobs for all who need them doing public service work to make all self supporting.  Government can be the employer of last resort.  


We then get the unemployed working supporting themselves and their families and paying taxes, and everyone benefits.  Everyone must be required to support themselves after childhood and before retirement and not rely on you and me to support them.


There are a lot of jobs that need to be done: picking up trash, mowing, weeding, helping seniors and disabled, repairing roads, helping with construction creating public service jobs to build low income affordable apartments for the homeless, veterans, senior citizens.

Installing solar panels on them and on all senior and public housing, improve infrastructure.

Create subways which are weather proof, tornado proof, safest mass transit system, using free

prisoner labor. Creating subways keeps them busy and safely out of our way. We need mass transit.

Create underground shopping malls at subway locations so everyone even handicapped and seniors

can have easy, weather free access to shopping, medical etc.  Subways would end traffic and parking hassles

and would be constant temperature snow, ice and excessive heat free.

 Subways would save us money and time.


Lower the excessive Michigan car insurance rate.


Insist on the creation of a small electric/hybrid personal car with standardized parts and easy to fix.

This will create jobs.

These can be powered by free home solar power ending our greatest source of pollution and global warming.

Convert to bio-fuel engines. We have lots of American natural gas and we can produce it from garbage.

Phase out big gasoline engines eliminating our dependence on foreign oil.


We must encourage the use of Solar, Wind and Bio free renewable energy because it is cheaper, or free

and because it helps make our country independent of the Oil Interests of foreign governments and corporations.

There is much more than enough sunshine energy that hits the USA to meet all of our energy needs

including charging all electric cars.

And that energy is free every day. Solar panels can be had for around $100 for a 100 watt panel.

Add $90 battery, $30 regulator and $30 inverter. These will give your house lights whenever you need them and also run a TV and laptop computer and charge up all of your fones. Even if the entire city has no power.

I already get a lot of my power for free and the best part is that I never have to worry about a power outage again.  We love our independence. You can even get an electric scooter or car that uses this free fuel.



Improve education   Teach what is important for life and more science. Many of our youth place below students in 3rd world countries.  Insist on final exams for every class as too many students are goofing off and not learning. I know I have taught every grade level and college level.

Teach a Life 101 class which includes: first aid, CPR, how to make change. how to care for a car including change a tire, make common needed household repairs such as fix a running faucet, survive in cold and heat.

Learn the basics about food poisoning, how to put out a fire

and how to safely handle gasoline. Learn basic electronics.

Learn how to take care of infants. Learn why they need to stay away from unprescribed drugs.

Many graduates cannot make change without a calculator, can't find the USA on a blank world map,

can't tell who we fought in WWII or why, can't list the rights in the Bill of Rights

and don't know many things that are basic to success in life, including:

Provide Free 2 years college or vocational training and provide internships. Give incentives to employers to hire trainees.  Our youth could then be supporting themselves.


Encourage all to learn International Vocabulary 10 minutes a day to eliminate language barriers.

Just by knowing English you already can recognize thousands of its words.

Only 16 rules of grammar with no exceptions. Uses easy prefixes to make learning easy.

Like help rehelp, malpractice malhelp means hinder. Mal turns any word into the opposite.

ist at the end of a word makes it into a profession. Dentist, Pianist

All prefixes like re and mal work with any word that makes sense saving you 100s of hours of study.

After a month you can understand people around world.  It also helps students better learn English.

You can learn this language in 1/10 the time and get college credit for it.

See Easiest Language at  http://easiestlanguage.info     for more info, self tutor and free pocket dictionary at


Mass produce prefab modular affordable housing nationwide that can just be set into place

and fastened together saving time and labor.

Also consider those excess big shipping containers.

Cut in a door, paint em and set on cement blocks. Add more for more rooms.

Create ample housing so no human has to be homeless.

This will create jobs.


Build subways and underground weather free, tornado proof malls and offices

where everyone including handicapped and elderly can go anywhere, anytime, safely, quickly and inexpensively.  This will create jobs.

Also use free prisoner labor for this and to clean up trash and repair roads.

This gives them training for when they get out. Or would you rather keep paying $40,000 a year

to have them sit and learn how to do more crimes as they do now.


The government's main job is to provide for the safety, health and general welfare of all of citizens.

It should be the employer of last resort with workfare replacing welfare.

Everyone who wants to work should receive training and a public service job and be paid at the job.

This includes social security slackers who can be given easy desk jobs.

Fathers must support their children not you and me.

After minimum citizen income is active workfare can be replaced with 10 hours a week required of each citizen for public service for the good of all.  Then everyone will have the free time to live a wonderful life.


Many things are seriously wrong here that are not being properly attended to by Congress and presidents.  Congress is favoring the rich and corporations on the backs of working people.

Call them on issues and push them on the above issues.  If a lot of citizens don’t, they will continue to steal from us.  It appears that instead of a republic we now live in an oligarchy.  That is a government system in which just a few have more say than most of the population.  Our congressmen and presidents just give us lip service but do not actually represent us and our needs.


The working class has become the forgotten class.

Thousands of children here do not have adequate food, dental care, medical care, and quality education.


Let me know what you think. send e-mail to wecare@dogoodforall.today

See 5,000 scholarships and good things on my web site dogoodforall.today




































2017 additional Issues



Put an end to foreign wars. Use UN troops to end wars and act against dictators. Take the profit out of war.


Government employees including the President must pay the expenses for their own vacations.



EDUCATION Many young people cannot afford to go to college many families have saved for years but still cannot afford to put their kids to college.  We have had many cuts in education.  Some are going into great debt.  College education is very expensive.   United States is 24th of industrialized nations in high school graduations.  The more the investment in human capital of a higher rate of return used to be good early child care intellectual support quality day care if kids get off to acquit starting life if they have intellectual support and emotional support those kids are more likely to do well in school this isn’t an investment we should be making.

In world ranking in Math and Science the USA is usually 24-30 behind other countries.



We can have abundance for all as most everything can be mass produced and made recyclable at lower cost.



Science has made it possible to create Abundance For All including a good car for all adults,

TVs, boats, vacations and within a decade even the need to have to work full time.

For thousands this has already happened and they live better than only the royalty could in the past.


But today millions of us are purposely deprived of abundance by those in power

who are not paying their fair share of taxes, charging high prices so their executives

can make millions a year, encouraging useless wars so they can profit from them,

polluting for profit, putting profits ahead of workers and purposely keeping workers down,

not building affordable cars and housing and killing mass transit.



Be vigilant, prepared, well informed, educated and communicative.

We should all be working on improving whatever we can for a better future.

It is our duty to our fellow humans to stop the suffering, stop the deprivation, stop the killing,

stop the abuse of children and women and the poor. Promote human rights to all.

This includes stopping pollution,


Insist employers pay employees a living wage, with adequate hours and profit sharing for employees.



Insist on better city planning, less cement and more human friendly environment.

Create areas of beauty, farms and gardens children can visit and learn from.

Local production of our food is safer, more nutritious, less expensive and helps the local economy.

Scientific production of food can be done in the city with greater yields

even using abandoned lots and buildings. This could be used to create more public service jobs.


Victims should be compensated for their loss by the criminals.

For some instead of locking them up costing us $40,000 a year put a tether on them

and make them work and pay back the victim.

Jail inmates should be required to do public service work. Tracking tethers can be used to keep track of their location.

It costs us $40,000 a year to provide criminals with room and board with free medical care and legal advice all at our expense.

You and I are sentenced to a life of work why should felons get a free ride.

There are lots of public service jobs they can do such as picking up trash, mowing, weeding,

helping with construction and fixing the roads.

If they are a flight risk they can be given public service work inside the prison, computer work, making license plates etc.

They could help construct needed subways and install solar panels.

It is a win win as taxpayers save money and inmates learn job skills rather than how to get away with more crimes.


But career criminals should be deported to an isolated pacific island,

unless you would rather support them at a cost of $40,000 a year

and most commit more crimes when they get out. This saves lots of money and solves a major crime problem. 





End the $2,025 monthly gift to aliens. Use workfare instead.

Deport people who support ideologies that who reject equal rights for women and anti US Constitution.

Deport those immigrants who refuse to Americanize after 5 years. In other words Learn English, and adults

dress like an American, learn a trade and get a job and be self supporting within 5 years or be deported.


Immigrants in the past came to America and soon became Americans.

Deport those who believe in that ideology that is anti American and anti human rights.

They support marriage to 9 year old girls and the killing of non believers.

They don't believe in Western Ideals and Human Rights and will not Americanize.

They want to set up Sharia Law instead of American Law.

There is lots of room for them in countries which support their ideology.

Let's encourage them to move there.  Their ideology which is Anti American and anti Western Look at their actions in countries in which they have a majority. (which speak louder than their lies)


Granted Even they don’t want to live in their own countries. But don't come here and spoil our freedom

and peace with your bombings and demands for us to change into your ways.

Accept our American Ideals and way of life or leave.

Look at what has happened to France.

Note their actions in countries in which they have a majority such as Iran, and Pakistan as their actions speak louder than their lies.

Islamic fundamentalist-related terrorism is on the rise.

Don't forget 12,000 Americans have been killed by them since 2000.

End “Honor Killings” Do not allow child brides or abuse of girls or women.

Sharia law is Anti the American way of life.

Besides Let's support our own American citizens first.

We already have homeless veterans, seniors (who have paid taxes for decades)

and local citizens that need help that are being turned down.


Find out who your national and state Senators and representatives are

and get their email addresses and phone numbers.

Put that down in writing in a list.

Call or email them and ask them to do the following: (Just do a couple at a time in each email or call.)


Stop hunger, homelessness, illness by providing food, shelter and medical care for the needy. then require work fare and job training with pay for public service work.

Government can be the employer of last resort.  Provide jobs training for all who lack a vocation to make all self supporting.  We then get the unemployed working supporting themselves and their families and paying taxes.  Everyone must be required to support themselves after childhood and before retirement and not rely on you and me to support them.


End the electoral college. Allow voters to vote early or electronically using secure block chain

or other high security. Why not make voting day a holiday or a Saturday.


Since the wall street crash of 2008 99% of all new income has gone to the top 1%.

Today in the USA the top 1% earns more income than the bottom 50%.

All utilities including phone and cable should be non profit.

Half of the residents in our city are below the poverty level while corporate officers get millions a year in salary.


End Congressmen acting for corporate welfare not ours. STOP CORPORATE WELFARE.


Government is overgrown so reduce it to what is most efficient and necessary.


Remember the purpose of government is to provide for the safety and health of the people it governs.


All government budgets should be balanced. You and I have to live within our means so should they.


Regulate medical suppliers hospitals and doctors so they are not stealing from us.


Other Notes:  Require corporations to pay their lowest paid workers not less than 20% that of their highest paid executives.

Encourage a living wage for all workers and adequate work hours for a worker to support a family.


Freedom of speech is being hindered by political correctness.

There are Presidential executive orders that allow the president to declare Martial Law on a whim.

There are 800 FEMA internment camps across the USA for what purpose?

The federal government is recording all of our Internet, phone use and money transactions. Corporations control your credit not you.


Personal Greed leading to corporate greed means the rich and super rich are stealing from us poor.

People with higher incomes and corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes.


The wealthiest 85 people (Less than 1%) own more than the bottom 99%.

General Electric spent $59 million on [political campaigns and lobbying and got $196 Billion

in federal support making their tax rate -9% over last 6 years.  Something is wrong there.

Since the wall street crash of 2008  99% of all new income has gone to the top 1%.

Today in the USA the top 1% earns more income than the bottom 50%.

End welfare to foreigners and non citizens.


Use intelligent management of all of our nation's resources rather than letting corporations abuse them.


Produce abundance for all not just for profit for corporations.


Improve everything.


Insist corporations stop polluting the environment. We must make businesses be responsible with enforcement.

If one looks at human history the main occupation next to survival was killing fellow humans.

When it was just tribes battling each other, all of mankind was not at risk

but now with nuclear weapons even a relatively small nuclear exchange

can trigger nuclear winter causing mankind’s extinction.

This is not a joke rather a real serious possibility and we are on a hair trigger to cause it to happen.


We need to learn from history to prevent future mistakes.

Those who do not look at history and learn from it are doomed to

repeat the mistakes of the past. Learn from others’ mistakes.


History teaches one to be vigilant, prepared, well informed, educated and communicative.

People, countries and cities that are not are conquered which may lead to death or slavery.

It has happened many times in the past and is happening now. Get informed.

Many feel that scientific dictatorship is now possible because the people with the real money and power are controlling the rest of us.


History teaches that if you have enemies or enemy sympathizers living amongst you

that sooner or later they will hurt you.


Encourage gardens, even small front year gardens. Encourage use of vacant lots and fields for gardens.

Encourage use of vacated buildings to use new scientific gardening.

Many or our cities are unplanned and filled with dead concrete.

This can be could be improved with a planned mixture of housing,

and park/farms where some of our food could be safely produced locally while cleaning

the air and reducing noise and providing children with a better environment.

Home grown food is also safer, more nutritious and helps the local economy.


All utilities including phone and cable should be non profit.

We need to start planning for a better future and making it happen.

Automation will cause layoffs of 60% of all workers soon.

Computers will Artificial Intelligence added (Bots) which rather than being programed are

told what needs to be done. Once it learns how to do the job it then replaces that persons job.

Many corporation’s sole purpose appears to be to make money.

Walmart doesn’t care if it gives its employees only 20 hours a week at a low wage, so workers have to go on welfare to survive. The middle class has become the forgotten class.

Half of the residents in our city are below the poverty level while corporate officers get millions a year in salary.

Many things are seriously wrong here that are not being properly attended to by Congress and presidents.

We need to correct things now. Find out who your government representatives are and get informed on issues.

Big changes are coming in the workplace with massive lay offs.


Why not create these things? Why not create a better future?  If it is to be it's up to me.

Too many of our citizens are ignorant and uncaring about issues of importance. They are putting our way of life at risk.


The working class has become the forgotten class. In 2017 half of the residents of Warren were below the poverty line. Thousands of children here do not have adequate food, dental care, medical care, and quality education. America is already behind many 3rd world countries.


Refugees may be helped only after all American Citizens including Veterans, Seniors

(who have paid taxes for decades) and Local Citizens that need help have been adequately provided for first.

Why should we be forced to support thousands of immigrants forced on us that we have to use our taxes to support.


Bernie Sanders Speech 2010 on corporate greed and the decline of our middle class  A-Z

Buying American made products helps American jobs. 

The entire middle class is collapsing.  Our economy is shedding millions of jobs.

CHINA Question are we borrowing money from China.  We are borrowing tens of Billions every year from China.  2009 the trade deficit with China was 200 27 billion.  We have a disastrous trade policy.  The deficit through May increased to $233 billion for the year, according to U.S. trade data released on Thursday. That's 13% bigger than the $206 billion deficit over the same time a year ago. http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/06/news/economy/us-trade-deficit/index.html

ICYMI: The National Debt Just Hit $20 Trillion.  Katie Pavlich Posted: Sep 13, 2017

So, how does the US borrow money? Treasury bonds are how the US - and all governments for that matter - borrow hard cash: they issue government securities, which other countries and institutions buy. So, the US national debt is owned mostly in the US - but the 6 tn foreign-owned debt is owned predominantly by Asian economies.

 Mainland China, which owned $1,268,400,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities as of the end of June. (Another $158,200,000,000 is held by interests in Hong Kong.)

The second largest share of the foreign-owned U.S. government debt is held by interests in Japan, which owned 1,219,500,000,000.

The third largest share of foreign-owned U.S. government debt is held by interests in Belgium, which owned $364,100,000,000 in Treasury securities at the end of June. The fourth largest share was held by interests in what the Treasury calls “Carribbean Banking Centers” (Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, and the British Virgin Islands), which owned $308,300,000,000 in Treasury securities at the end of June. And the fifth largest share was held by interests in nations characterized by Treasury as “Oil Exporters” (Ecuador, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Gabon, Libya, and Nigeria.) Interests in these nations owned $262,100,000,000 in Treasury securities.

As of the end of June, the Federal Reserve owned $2,396,972,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities. Together, the $6,013,200,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities owned by foreign interests and the $2,396,972,000,000 owned by the Federal Reserve equaled $8,410,172,000,000 in U.S. government debt. That was about 67 percent of the $12,572,219,622,017.57 in U.S. government debt "held by the public," which includes debt borrowed from individuals, corporations and foreign and domestic government entities outside of the federal government itself.

Clint Eastwood tells the country it "We borrow $4 billion every single day, much of it from China,"


Something else not known is a number of the wealthiest individuals in the country also received a major bailout from the fed called an emergency response page 30 such as general after who pays no taxes Goldman Sachs receive 780 billion.  Morgan Stanley received two trillion.  Citigroup receive 2.4 trillion.  Bear Stearns received one trillion.  Merrill Lynch received 2.2 trillion in short term loans from the fed.  Federal reserve also built out to a shun carmakers Toyota and Mitsubishi between 2008 and 2009.  That also extended a $9.6 billion loan to the central bank of Mexico.  The fed also went three to lee and dollars without disclosure as to who.  And the big banks and large corporations return to making incredible profits and paying your executives record breaking compensation packages as if the financial crisis had never occurred.  There were secret fed loans which may have been direct corporate welfare to big banks.


ENERGY We spent 100 billion a day importing oil from Saudi Arabia.  There are estimates that in just the south west of our country on Federal Land we can produce 30% of electricity than America Homes need.  If we move toward solar thermal.  We could be energy independent. We import 307 million barrels of oil per month. 2017. 

Crude oil imports (Top 15 countries)

(thousand barrels per day)


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GREED Corporate greed destroying our political system as big money interests spend unlimited sums of money to elect candidates.  It is reckless and uncontrollable and is almost like a disease which is hurting our country terribly.  There is a war going on in this country being waged by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people against working families, against the disappearing and shrinking middle class of our country.  The billionaires of America are on the warpath.  They want more and more and more.  The top 1% of all income earners make 25% of the income that’s more than the bottom 50% and the income rate of the rich keeps increasing while the rate for the working class is going down.  They have every religious ferocity in the terms of greed.  They need more and more and more it is similar to an addiction.  50,000,000 is not enough 100,000,000 is not enough a billion is not enough when will it stop in terms of wealth the top 1% now own more than the bottom 90%.  They feel they’re just not rich enough they want to be picture.

INCOME  Family income has gone down.  Despite huge increases in productivity and technology a two-income family now has less disposable income than a one income family did 30 years ago

INFRASTRUCTURE in the United States is crumbling and in need of maintenance.  many roads are in disrepair.  pipes are leaking and wasting water.  people are spending hundreds of dollars to repair their cars because of bad roads.  When we improve infrastructure we are improving the future of this country we are making it more productive we are creating jobs which makes our nation more productive and efficient.  The American Society of civil engineers graded America’s roads and said we need to invest 2.2 trillion in the next five years just to give the roads a passing grade.

We need to invest in infrastructure which will create millions of jobs.  We can build buses and vans make it easier and cheaper for workers in rural America to get to work.  China invest in infrastructure they are have high speed trains all over the country here are trains of actually gone downhill thousands of bridges are obsolete.

HEALTH CARE   People need Medical Care and Medical Insurance some are dying waiting for transplants

JOBS out sourced      Jobs they lost over 600,000 private sector jobs.  There are fewer and fewer manufacturing jobs today we have fewer manufacturing jobs and we did 1941 before Pearl Harbor.  Since 2001 42,000 factories have shut down.  We have lost five million manufacturing jobs.  Jobs have been outsourced to China and Vietnam most people are making 25¢ an hour in Bangladesh is 22¢ an hour how our American workers going to compete for desperate people making 22¢ an hour.

JOBS WORK HOURS Working longer work hours being paid less.  Americans work the longest hours of any people in the industrialized world.  Our people work longer hours than do the people of any major country.  Many people are forced to work two jobs 50 were 60 hours a week.  And this still having a hard time making it.  giving tax breaks to billionaires does not create jobs.  When I grew up the father could work 40 hours a week and earn enough money to pay all the bills for the whole family and buy a car just one person with income.  And this was the average worker.  Now 30 years ago even with income from husband and wife they can barely afford to buy a used car and sometimes they can afford even pay all their bills.

Many companies are now paying lower wages than they did in the past.

NATIONAL DEPT   Is unsustainable. In 2017 20.2 Trillion  see usdebtclock.org

due to expense of Unnecessary wars AND other cause extensions of so called temporary tax breaks.  It is grossly unfair to ask our kids and grandchildren to be paying higher taxes to provide tax breaks for billionaires because we have driven up the national debt.

OUTSOURCING Tom Donahue CEO of the U.S. chamber of commerce you would think would be for the United States is all for outsourcing U.S. jobs he said the future of the world as China.   2004 in AP news story.  Blue collar jobs are decimated we have good information technology computer jobs but they’re going overseas because they’ve got young Indian people who will work for a fraction of the wages of Americans.  Because of the Internet we have a radiologist in India that can read ex race so why should we are Americans.

It is virtually impossible to find an American meat product and Wal-Mart.  Bangladesh has 4000 garment factories 3.5 million workers working for 22¢ an hour which is barely enough for them to buy either the things they need to survive on.  There are many companies are here who want to abolish the American minimum wage so they can get people to work for four and five bucks an hour here.

POVERTY  United States has the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country we also have more people in jail.  We have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income and in the country. 20% of our children are in poverty.  In Finland its 2.8%, in Norway is 3.4%, in Sweden is 4%, in Switzerland is 6% we have are rated child lives poverty surpassing any other major country on earth.

RICH are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

SUFFERING   Many people are hurting some are going without heat and food and medicine and Medical Care and transportation and education for their kids and even some of the necessities of life.  Some are even cutting down eating two meals a day.

TAX   Only the little people pay taxes.  Only the working stiffs out their pay taxes.  You can you can read you can have your company’s mailing address are the country and pay zero American taxes.  giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires several which stated they don’t need it that was Bill Gates warren Buffett   Big corporations earn billions of dollars pay no income tax move jobs to China and then come running to the United States taxpayers for a bailout.  2009 Exxon had a bad year they only made 19 billion but they avoided paying any taxes and got $156,000,000 refund from the IRS.  Two out of every three corporations in the United States paid no Federal income tax between 1998 and 2005.  They had a combined income of 2.5 trillion in sales yet paid no income taxes.  According to citizens for tax justice 82 fortune 500 companies in America paid zero or less Federal income taxes in at least one year from 2001.  In the years they paid no income tax they earn $102,000,000,000 in us profits.  Their statutory income taxes should have been $35.6 billion but they generated so meat ax braids that they actually got rebate checks from the U.S. Treasury for 12.6 billion

One out of every four large corporations in the United States paid no Federal income tax on revenue of $1.1 trillion.  Past decade was the worst for the U.S. economy in modern times.  Middle income households made less and 2008 when adjusted for inflation than they did in 1999.

Huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people and corporations. The top 400 wealthiest people in the country earned 345,000,000 the year and a pay an effective tax rate of 16.6%.  They do not need an extension of tax breaks in 2009 the top 25 hedge fund managers made a combined 25 billion in income.  One billion per person.

Estate tax rate only benefits the wealthy it only benefits the top 3/10 1% and it would add one trillion to the national debt over tenure.  Because of losses of taxes paid.  The Walton family of WalMart has $89.6 billion in wealth and they would receive 32.7 billion tax breaks if the estate tax passed.  Americans need the earned income tax credit

The Social Security payroll tax holiday is a scam whose purpose is to bankrupt social security because it cuts funding to Social Security even all it does give a small benefit to workers for a short time.  Social security has taken millions of seniors out of poverty and given them an element of security.  For 75 years and has worked well and had a surplus.  The National Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare a senior group.  There is an intensive effort to privatize Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.  It is part of the republican agenda.

USURY The major religions of earth are all against usury.  The banks are charging 25 to 30% interest to four people on their credit cards but the big banks only have to pay 1% for the biggest banks own half of all the more because in the country.  This is loansharking like gangsters or thugs this is extortion.  The people were hurting the most are paying the highest interest rates and the people that need at least are paying the lowest interest rates.  The fed loans out billions and billions of dollars to the largest financial institutions that less than 1%.  And that is American taxpayer money at less than 1%.  But if you’re worker you’re paying 25 to 30% interest on your credit cards.  In some creditors charge more.  This is extortion in loansharking.  It’s thievery and the Congress has sponsored it and tolerated and then the bail them out.  State should pass a year surreal all to make it illegal credit unions are limited to 15% and they’re doing very well we should do the same for all the banks.  There should be a cap on interest rates.

VETERANS But we try to get $250 for disabled veterans and seniors and it was voted down by the senate and many of those seniors are trying to live on 12,000 a year sum for even less

WALL STREET The crooks on Wall Street, who caused a horrendous recession, now earn much more money and they were bailed out by taxpayers.  How come none of them are in jail.  The crooks of Wall Street are so big and powerful and have our home high priced lawyers and friends in Congress that they can do pretty much anything they want and get away with it they agreed in reckless in this and their illegal behavior has destroyed the American economy.  What they’ve done to the American people is horrible.

WEALTH  In 2010 15 people saw a 170 billion dollar increase in their wealth while 45,000,000 Americans live in poverty that is a read economy designed by the wealthiest people to benefit the wealthiest people at the expense of everybody else and this is not justice.  United States has the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country.  When you drive around in some parts America it looks like it’s a third world nation.  Millions of families are below zero in wealth.  The top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 90%.

WHAT SHOULD BE DONE.  The American people need to stand up to Congress.  But

Start providing affordable loans to small businesses.  They should’ve demand these companies create jobs and expand the economy.  Wall Street earned 40% of all profits in America.

Bank of America the largest commercial bank in the country receive 45 billion taxpayer bailout they bought other big companies and became too big to fail.  If they’re too big to fail their two big and should be broken up.  The four largest banks in America now issue one out of two mortgages and two of three credit cards and hold 40% of all the bank deposits in the country.

The handful of entities control industry after industry.  We have to break them up if it is too big to fail it is to be to exist.  When this break them out now before we go through another bailout.  No single financial institution should have holding so extensive that its failure would put the world’s economy in crisis.  There is no competition in credit cards that’s why they’re charging 25 to 30% on credit cards.  In some European countries are calling for more and smaller banks to increase competition.  October 2009 Alan Greenspan admitted his views on deregulation were brought.  If they’re too big to fail they’re too big.  In 1911 we broke of standard oil.  And what happened the individual parts became more valuable.  These companies have enormous power over our economy.  The function of the bank is to be the middleman between people who need money and are producing real products and helping get that money and people who were investing in the banks.  It’s not supposed to be an island in itself.  But we need banks to go back to what they should be to provide affordable loans to the productive economy so that we can produce real products in real goods and create real jobs.

Lobbyists a lucrative job and a huge business about 14,000 lobbyists assailed the Congress.  Lobbyist spending in 2009 was 3.  47 billion.  The corporations spend millions of dollars but they get billions back.  They also create 40 organizations that tell us a global warming is not real so they can continue polluting.  Comcast is one of the largest providers. 

Teddy Roosevelt in 1910 said “the absence of effective state, and especially national restraint upon unfair money getting has tended to create a small class of enormously wealthy and economically powerful man, whose chief object is to hold and increase their power.  No man should receive a dollar unless that dollar has been fairly earned.  Every dollar received should represent a dollar’s worth of service to rendered, not gambling in stocks but service rendered.  I believe in a graduated income tax on big fortunes, and in another tax which is far more easily collected and far more effective a graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes properly safeguarded against evasion and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate.” That was 100 years ago.

Corporate America is sitting on close to 2 trillion cash on hand.  They are creating products but Americans don’t have the money to buy those products.  Economist said the people who spend the money the quickest are those who receive unemployment compensation because that’s all they have.  They’re going to go out and buy from the neighborhood store, they create jobs.

Save are we going to make sure that every young person in America regardless of income can go to college are we going to get every American Healthcare or continue a situation where 45,000 Americans die each year because they don’t have access to a doctor.  We spend 350 billion a year are importing oil from Saudi Arabia a billion and a but we can become energy independent.  Ark is going to have a lower standard of living than we did.

We have to stand tall and draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.  The top 1% now earn 25% of the income in this country there is incredible greed and dishonesty and recklessness on Wall Street.  Use the American story going to be poverty fixing the infrastructure makes your country healthier and stronger.  Corporate America’s cash pile is the highest it’s ever been they are sitting on 1.93 trillion in cash.

The most effective way to create jobs and the most important ways to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.  In improve our broadband. 

Arianna Huffington wrote a book entitled Third World America.  She says we are headed in the direction of being a third world nation.  Crumbling infrastructure.  More and more traveling but not building roads 42,000,000,000 hours a year stuck in traffic costing 78 billion a year plus a lot of pollution and a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, and frustration and anxiety and road rage.  Many car crashes are caused by bad roads.  The bad roads Kostas millions of dollars in car repairs.  America’s railway system is speeding down the tracks me verse.  When you visit of the countries they have high speed rail here the Burlington cipher you can get from Chicago to den for in 18 hours now but in 1934 was only th 13 hours.  Because of the backtracks many bridges on safe to travel there more than 85,000 dams in America the average is 51 years old there are many new subdivisions below the dams now is some these dams are not properly maintained.  Or forgotten.  Then there’s soars leaking water but even worse are our schools many school buildings are in bed repair nothing is quickening our descent into third world status faster than our failure to properly educate our children.  America is slipping further and further behind many other countries. among 30 developed countries America places 25th in math and science kids in shanghai were leading the world in math literacy.  But and were asking me while we’re asking teachers to give concessions and work more hours and buy things for the students out of their pocket and take abuse every day many kids have not learned enough to go to college many kids do not graduate from high school 170,000 high school graduates a year are prepared to go to college but can’t afford to go to college.  But smart kids and other countries have their college paid for by the gov’t the best future jobs are ones that have higher levels of education and greater technical competency dropouts cost the state millions of dollars Sanders said that in 2000 nine 1800 for ma dropouts called the state for uttered 59,000,000 in lost lifetime earnings in nearly 20,000,000 in healthcare costs plus they get involved in self-destructive activity drugs and up in jail if we spend $1000 a year to keep them in jail.  75 American youth who apply to the military are ineligible.

We can either ignore these problems or say let’s take action to solve them.