Saving Bunert School

Once upon a time in a land called Warren there was an old neglected forgotton school building. It had served its purpuse in educating hundreds of children for nearly 70 years. It had been converted to a home and fallen to disrepair. It was no longer wanted by its owners the Santa Maria Lodge. They offered to the Warren historical Society for a museum if they would just get it off of their property so they could make a bigger parking lot.

Well finding a home for an old school is quite a problem. And of course they had next to no money. With determination they made a plan and started working the plan. They held fund raisers and involved the community. A spot was found on unused ground next to Tower high School. After years of work the day came when the old school was raised and moved south down Bunert road to its new home. It was set on a newly prepared foundation.

Soon restoration work began when it was discovered that the floor of the building had been severely weakened by beetles. Another setback. Eventually the whole building was put in a bag and poison gas pumped in to kill the beetles. After aring out restoration work continued.

Finally Bunert School emerged perhaps better than when it was new and was furnished as our One Room School Museum. Today it is open for classes to use and visitors to come in and see.

A lot of folks helped in this effort and eventually they will be listed here. I will do the research to find them.

Below are some of the fotos that tell the story.